New Class Schedule

High Interval Intense Training (HIIT) Monday 6:00pm
*Intermittent exercises to reach fat burning zone
*Rev up metabolic movements in a short period followed by active recovery exercises
*Includes timed and countdown interval training
*Isometrics - Plyometrics - Planks - Strength Training = Full Body
*Uses a variety of studio based training tools
*Dynamic -- Inspirational - Revitalizing!

Yoga class with Puneeta Tuesdays 6:00pm
This is an energetic practice which combines Hatha and Vinyasa style yoga. This class focuses on gaining strength, flexibility and endurance through holding select poses longer as well as building a mind-body connection through the power of breath.

TRX Suspension/Functional Training with Rich Wednesday 6:00pm. (Requires registration 24 hour in advance)
*Mechanics of a TRX and how to perform basic exercises safely and effectively.
*Body awareness and core strength and mobility required to properly lift, balance, twist, and     reach overhead..
*Exercises will simulate movements used in sports or everyday activity.
*Workouts will progress in difficulty and intensity as class progresses.
* Develop good movement patterns for everyday activity.
*Gain improved coordination by drilling patterns and developing muscle memory.
This class is designed for beginners just getting into exercise, or anyone who wants to improve posture.

Relaxing Yoga with Elizabeth Saturdays 11:00am