COVID-19 Response

To promote health safety among our members and the community, OFIT Gym will adhere to the following procedures.

Gym activities will be limited to 2 members at the most at any given time at the gym.

We will schedule every member’s visit to trace possible infections if they were to occur. There will be slots available every week to be scheduled ahead of time.

In-person tours will be limited and only offered if necessary. Online signup is recommended, and a virtual tour will be posted on our website within a few days.

For now, and the near future, we will allow access to two (2) or three (3) times per week per member.

Members must wear masks/face covering, keep the 6-feet distance rule, and wipe every piece of equipment they use at the gym.

Although the water fountain is available, we recommend you bring your bottle of water to avoid any contact.

We also recommend you use hand-sanitizer (provided) or wash your hands before or after you work out.

We have provided a sanitized and clean space since we open in 2014 and will continue to do so even more after COVID-19.