I began working out at Ofit a year ago. At the time I was 370 and since then I have lost 82 lbs., and gained a great deal of muscle, balance and coordination. My time working out at Ofit has fundamentally changed my behavior, my understanding of what I am capable of, and really my life. My personal trainer helped me to identify my short and long term goals and then breaking those goals into manageable steps. At the beginning I was almost completely sedentary and incapable of running let alone push-ups.

My trainer started with me where I was and has gradually helped me begin the process of changing my body composition, my habits, my attitudes with the exercises I was capable of doing, My trainer also encouraged me to work harder than I believed I could. As my strength and endurance grew he seamlessly adjusted the exercises so that the level of challenge and growth remained nearly constant. The unique tailored circuit training which incorporate strength, aerobics, balance, and coordination gradually is sculpting my body and approaching my health holistically. I have constructed a nutritional plan that could work for me and that I could live with and then gradually adjusted it until each thing I ate became in service to my health goals. Omar’s relentless enthusiasm and spirit of optimistic challenge has helped me to achieve the best health of my life in a balanced and sustainable way. I’m 38 pounds away from achieving my fitness goal and then post an updated picture.

Here's an update.....100+ later and still counting. :)


And Phil down to 223lbs. Congratulations to such an amazing job.